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The value of international communication between students of different nations cannot be understated. There is a myriad of different ways by which students can experience the value of such exchanges

09:08 22.01.2021

Last week students of Grades 10&11 participated in a bilingual cultural symposium with students of Stamford School in England. The topic of this particular meeting was Russian identity expressed through the arts. The students of Primakov Gymnasium were delighted to pass on their knowledge of ballet as well as classical and contemporary Russian music. Both Russian and English languages were used to explore ideas, which gave the exchange a highly sophisticated and global aspect.
The students of Stamford school were particularly grateful to Primakov Gymnasium as they are studying A Level Russian Language! The added dimension of international peer support in language acquisition was also discussed. Our meeting ended with a firm agreement to continue this particular line of communication long into the future!

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