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It is no secret that our world is facing the major challenge that is climate change

24.12.2020 в 8:30

Mr Rob’s Grade 3 and 4 ESL classes have been working hard on projects that investigate exactly what these climate-related problems are, what causes them, and what each and every one of us can do to save the planet.

The students embarked on an investigative journey to learn about associated terms such as “greenhouse gases”, “global warming”, “recycling”, “waste management”, and “ozone layer depletion”.

While most of their research took place at home, the students were also given the opportunity to discuss their ideas in their ESL lessons before they presented them to their fellow classmates.

With thought-provoking posters and captivating speeches, the students delivered a very powerful message, and a compelling part for the audience to learn about was what the students themselves do to help Earth. This, in turn, demonstrates how even the simplest of actions can make a world of difference!

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